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35mm Projectors

Antique ACME 35mm FILM Portable MOVIE Projector


Antique Vintage Century 35mm Movie Projector - MATCHING Pair Saugatuck Michigan


Vintage Drive-In Theater Simplex XL 35mm Projector


Ernemann Kinoptikon 35MM Projector


Microcine Ranger 35 Model DB 35mm Projector


35mm Simplex Vintage Projector with carbon arc lamphouse


35mm Simplex Projector/Western Electric/Carbon Arc *Vintage*


Pair of Working Vintage 1940's Simplex 35mm Projectors REDUCED PRICE!


Century 35mm Film Projector W/ Sound Head


35mm TOKIWA PROJECTOR with 3-Lens Turret


CFEC-WESTAR Dual Portable 1KW Xenon 35mm Sound Projectors Fully Reconditioned


35mm Powers 6B Cameragraph Vintage Silent Film Projector w/Lamphouse


3 LaVEZZI 35mm Intermittent rollers New Old Stock Simplex Movie Film Projector


Antique 1920's 35mm Keystone Moviegraph Hand Crank Projector WORKS!


Movie Theatre projector 35 mm vintage 1930's . Super Simplex XL model




Vintage 35mm DeVry Commercial Motion Picture, Sound Equipment Projector Model 10


35mm film projector by Universal Projector Co, with changeover by Zipper


35mm CENTURY SA Projector & R3 Optical Sound Head ~ Very Clean


Tokiwa T-60 35mm Portable Dolby Stereo Sound Motion Picture Projector


Western Electric Universal 35mm Projector 16" Standalone Turntable


35mm Vintage Burwood Silent Projector hand crank Model A


Prevost P-86X Xenon 35mm Portable Dolby Stereo Sound Motion Picture Projector


SHINKYO A.V.E 35mm Portable Sound Motion Picture Projector w/ Dolby Stereo


35mm film projector Kinoton pK60 We buy cell service film and digital projectors


1930’s Brenkert Enarc - Antique 35mm Movie Theater Film Projector MUSEUM QUALITY


Vintage SVE Picturol Projector Model K 35mm


(A) Antique Picturol 35mm Film Projector by Electro Acoustic Products RARE!!!


WW II Holmes NAVY Portable 35mm Sound Projector Fully Restored Museum Quality


Vintage Optica 35MM Movie Projector Hand Crank W/ Steel Case- 3739


35mm Christie Projector Intermittent Assembly


Holmes Type 8 35mm portable Sound Motion Picture Projector Museum Quality


Movie Projector


Model PR 135 - 35mm Magna-Tech Studio projectors (2)


Westar 2001 35mm Motion Picture Film Projector- 3 Year Parts Warranty-NEW


Sawyers Rotomatic Model 600 35 mm Slide Projector


Powers 6B 35mm Movie Theater Projector Early 20th Century Museum Quality!


Holmes Carbon Arc 35mm Sound Motion Picture Projector Museum Quality


De Vry XD 35mm Movie Projector w/ Reverse Scan Dolby Stereo Sound Reader Minty


Western Electric Universal 35mm Sound Projector Peerless Simplex Circa 1927-35


MTE/ KINOTON FP-50DA 35mm Portable Cine Projector Dolby Analog & Digital


Holmes P 35mm Sound Motion Picture Projector Museum Quality Stationery


Kelmar 35mm Projector 7000 reel reel arms sets U&L Rebuilt


Simplex GPL TC-200 XL 35mm Telecine Transfer Broadcast Optical Sound Projector


2 Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 35mm Film Interlock Projectors With Lamp houses